Green SiC RTP

GNPGraystar‘s Ready-to-Press Green Silicon Carbide Powders are spray dried granules based on our Submicron (GS), High Surface Area Powders. This premix includes the necessary binders, pressing aids, and sintering aids to be pressed directly into various green ceramic bodies. We can offer powders with varying sizes, surface areas, and shrinkage to meet your needs.

This RTP is primarily used in the production of various ceramics such as armor, seals, and wear-resistant parts.

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SiCS – 13LP

GNPGraystar‘s SiCS-13LP is a spray granulated powder doped with oxides, temporary binders, and pressing aids. It is ready to be pressed into a green body.

SiCS-13LP is for use in liquid phase (LP-SiC) sintered ceramics.

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