GNPGraystar’s ATH has a unique particle size distribution that provides the best possible combination of viscosity, flame, electrical and molding properties that can be derived from an ATH filler. A closely controlled top size with a large super fine faction yields rapid dispersion in resin. Excellent mold flow and wet-out characteristics result in superior surface profile, minimal porosity, even pigmentation, and excellent filler and reinforcement distribution throughout the molded part.

ATH was developed especially for SMC, BMC, resin injection, and high solids coatings.

Typical Physical Properties:

  • Median Particle Diameter: 9 microns
  • Less than 10 microns: 53%
  • BET Surface Area: 2 m2/g
  • Free Moisture @ 105°C: 0.3 %
  • Bulk Density, Loose: 0.65 g/cm3
  • Bulk Density, Packed: 1 g/cm3
  • TAPPI Brightness: 89
  • Oil Absorption: 28 ml
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