GNPGraystar offers Guyanese Bauxite. Guyanese Bauxite is the most refractory bauxite available in the world due to its higher alumina content and its lower alkali and impurity content. Replacing Chinese Bauxite with Guyanese Bauxite results in a chemistry and performance upgrade in refractory mixes. In mortars and plastics, this bauxite will extend the shelf life over Chinese Bauxite, because it is less reactive in acid and phosphate-bonded refractories. 

The mineralogy of Guyanese Bauxite is alpha alumina and mullite, so there is no shrinkage or cracking when exposed to hot metal. This product actually has slight expansion at high temperatures unlike the shrinkage that occurs with Chinese Bauxite (containing alumina and glass).

As a ceramic ball-milled product, this may also be used to substitute pricier calcined alumina material in bauxite and mullite mixes.

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