GNPGraystar’s Calcined Alumina is Aluminum Oxide that has been heated to temperatures in excess of 1,050°C (1,900° F) to drive off nearly all chemically combined water.  In this form, Alumina has great chemical purity, extreme hardness (9 on the Mohs scale, which diamond is a 10), high density, and a high melting point (slightly above 2,050° C [3,700° F]).

Typical Applications include spark plugs, tap washers, pump seals, electronic substrates , grinding media, abrasion resistant tiles, cutting tools, bioceramics (hip joints), body armor, laboratory ware, wear parts for the textile and paper industries, and more!

GNPGraystar offers Calcined Alumina in varying soda (Na2O) levels in both granular and fine/super ground powders, as well as in High-Purity, Submicron powders.


Download Granular TDS


Fine/Super Ground:

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Submicron High Purity Alumina:

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GNPGraystar can also offer calcined alumina in a Ready-to-Press (RTP) Powder. Please contact us for more information about our Ready-to-Press Powders.