GNPGraystar has a very well-equipped laboratory for detailed examination of our products. We can analyze Particle Sizing (both for macrogrits and microgrits), Particle Shape, Bulk Density, Specific Surface Area, Moisture & LOI, Magnetics, Viscossity, Hall Flow, Angle of Repose, Crushing Strength, and more.

Our lab is available for analyzing your products as well. We offer these services on a toll basis with quick turnaround time.

Particle Sizing:

GNPGraystar measures particle sizing for macrogrits and refractory splits via Rotap screens. For fines, powders, and microgrits, we have several pieces of equipment to measure the particle size distribution – we have Canty (optical) and a Coulter Multisizer.

Particle Shape:

We utilize our Canty to not only measure particle sizing but also particle shape. This unit, which employs a high-speed camera, takes photos of each particle and allows the user to evaluate shape and size of each particle.


GNPGraystar has the equipment available to measure loose pack density (ASTM B74.4), tap density, as well as specific gravity (true density) via helium pycnometry.

Specific Surface Area / BET:

Through the use of our Micromeritics Gemini Surface Area Analyzer, we can measure the SSA of your powder.

Moisture & LOI:

We have an automated moisture analyzer that we can use to rapidly measure the moisture in grains and powders. We also have drying and sintering furnaces that allow us to measure Loss on Ignition (LOI).


With the use of our Buck Analyzer (Micromeritics MA-1040 Magnetic Analyzer) we can measure the percent of free magnetics (iron) in our or your grains and powders.


Using of Viscometer, we can measure the viscosity of your slurry.

Powder Flow:

We have the necessary equipment to measure a powder’s Hall Flow and its Angle of Repose.

Contact us to learn more on how we can evaluate your raw materials.