Brown Aluminum Oxide is fused in an electric arc furnace and produces a high strength, tough, and extremely durable grain. GNPGraystar’s Brown Aluminum Oxide is a medium to high density product which is available in standard grades or can be custom graded for your application.


Macrogrits are useful for rough grinding, deburring, snagging, and the cutting of low-alloy, ferrous materials.


Microgrit powders are most commonly used for micro-blasting, precision lapping, fine grit grinding wheels, break lining fillers, tumbling, and polishing compounds.

Blasting Grains:

GNPGraystar’s Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide is used for surface profiling, cleaning, stock or scale removal, cutting, and polishing.

Typical Properties:

  • high toughness (Mohs 9)
  • wear-resistant
  • chemically inert

Typical Applications:

  • bonded or coated applications
  • surface finishing or preparation
  • coating or scale removal
  • polishing
  • anti-slip surfaces

Suitable for these Materials:

  • ferrous or normal alloy steel
  • ceramics
  • plastic
  • stone
  • glass
  • wood
  • rubber
  • composite materials
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